Soap Portraits #1

I was beveling the most recent batch of Backyard Quarry last week when I thought to myself, "huh, the swirl in this bar looks like a swan."

Like cloud patterns in the sky, the swirls in each bar of soap can sometimes create images I could have never planned to execute. Despite my recipe & swirl pattern staying consistent in each batch, every bar is going to have a slightly different design. Some images jumped out at me, and those are the ones I'm sharing with you today. Let me know if you can see the same designs as me!

Bar #1: My pair of swans

Bar #2: A blooming flower

Bar #3: A hand holding a bowl


More thoughts:

I've decided to call these surprise designs 'soap portraits' and I hope to make a mini series over time with the discoveries I make in the bars. If you see a design in your soap, I'd love to see it!! Tag @homesaponified with the hashtag #soapportraits so I can see the art that you find in our soap! 

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