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Felted Wool Washcloth

Felted Wool Washcloth

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Our washcloths are made from 100% undyed wool and felted by hand to create a compact washcloth for removing makeup or simply washing the face. Wool is antimicrobial and dries quickly, making this cloth a great travel option.

Wool is a simple solution if you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to makeup-removing wipes. And, once you've worn out the felt, it can be composted, or repurposed into other projects!

Dimensions: approx 8"x6" (may vary due to handmade nature) 


100% undyed, minimally processed wool

How to use

To use:
-Remove makeup with just warm water and felt. Rub face gently with the felt and rinse as needed
-Wash face with a little bit of gentle soap, warm water, and the felt. Hang felt to dry

*Further shrinking/shape changing of the cloth is normal as the wool continues to felt.
*Some plant matter present in the wool is also normal. This wool is from sheep who live happy pasture lives. The wool is lightly processed, and so some plant matter may still be embedded in the fiber. Feel free to pick it out as it works to the surface; it is completely clean, but might feel a little scratchy.

Machine washable | line dry

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