New! Front Range Soap

Inspired by Colorado's Front Range mountains, this new soap is scented with black pepper, patchouli, and juniper berry essential oils for a fragrance that will remind you of a verdant mountain spring.

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New! High Plains Soap

The colors of Colorado's high plains are swirled together in this new soap.

Our soap uses turmeric, French green clay, Rhassoul clay, and cocoa powder to draw out very specific landscape colors.

Cedarwood and rosemary essential oils conjure an earthy but sweet fragrance.

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The Origin of Home Saponified

We began by making small batch, artisan soap for highly sensitive bodies.

We live in a chaotic busy world, and for many of us it's hard to filter out the noise, the emotions, and the demands. Home can be a sanctuary; it’s where we can reset, relax, and recharge. We make soap that makes us feel the same way. No matter where we go, we want our soap to be a gentle product on our skin in an abrasive world.  We are continuing to add more handcrafted items inspired by traditional craftsmanship, environmental care, and simple living, so keep an eye out for new products!

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