Our Values

(1) Gentle products for sensitive bodies

Every product we make is made with sensitive bodies in mind, whether that be sensitivity to fragrance, textures, additives, etc. Our soaps are plant based, with no added preservatives or chemical agents. We use botanical & natural colorants, and only lightly scent our soaps with essential oils (or leave them completely unscented!) We are also happy to formulate custom batches for our extra sensitive folks. 

2) Environmental Stewardship (kind to our earth!) 

Sustainability is an on going process, and we're committed to continuously looking for ways to reduce waste, source local ingredients, and ensure a gentler footprint on the planet. This includes things like using botanical colorants, natural ingredients, and reusing packaging materials. We will never be perfect, but we will be transparent about the ways we are learning & trying!

3) Simple Living

In a fast paced, cluttered world, comfort is often found in the simple things, and slowing down. We are inspired by heritage craftsmanship and the time, intention & quality that went into making the daily use items of centuries past. We believe that many of these traditional craft methods can be used for for our modern needs & values. Our goal is to make sustainable, quality products that help you simplify your life in the ways that feel meaningful to you.