Our Story

Welcome home!

In 2018, I (Rowena) began making soap. I'm very sensitive to fragrances, colorants, and other additives, and wanted to try my hand at making my own skincare. After several years of making soap for myself and friends/family, I launched Home Saponified in May of 2020 with my sister, Emma. 

We live in a chaotic busy world, and for many of us it's hard to filter out the noise, the emotions, and the demands. I make soap primarily because I want something close to my skin, literally, that is a safe place. Home is my sanctuary; it’s where I can reset, relax, and recharge. I make soap that makes me feel the same way. It offers congruence between my sink, my shower, and my travels; no matter where I go, my soap is a gentle product for my skin in an abrasive world. 

I am deeply inspired by heritage craftsmanship, environmental care, & simple living. I value the time, intention & quality that went into handcrafting the daily use items of centuries past. This has led me to use traditional craftsmanship methods for modern purposes & values. You can always find me experimenting with ways to use natural colorants, botanical ingredients, and natural fibers. 

Our hope at Home Saponified is that when you use our products, scroll through our Instagram feed, or read our blog, you feel empowered and supported to simplify your life in the ways that feel the most meaningful to you. Thanks for stopping by! We hope to hear from you!

-Rowena & Emma